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Marz Premium

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Premium Vodka

Brought forth from soft, lush French winter wheat, intertwined with pure, cold, crystal clear Northern California mountain water, distilled in small batches in our copper pot still, filtered three times prior and bottled directly to eliminate any impurities from getting into the product.

Marz delivers depth, smoothness, not harsh on the pallet, and a hint of sweetness. An exceedingly clean finish, you’ll taste the quality and care which goes into every drop of our Marz vodka.

Marz White Cranberry Flavored Vodka

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White Cranberry Flavored Vodka

Experience the unexpected. Marz White Cranberry is exceedingly approachable, yet as sophisticated as you are. Layers of white cranberry, melon, and hint of vanilla run along a palate designed to leave a lasting experience.

Naturally delicious, with a wonderfully complex bouquet, Marz White Cranberry is the perfect complement to our French winter wheat vodka. Using a uniquely American berry, Marz White Cranberry is designed to provide a supremely fresh, sweet, crisp, and ultimately smooth experience.

Marz Spize Flavored Vodka

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Spize Flavored Vodka

Jump into the heat of Serrano peppers, and awaken your senses with cracked black pepper. Daring blends of heat and spice welcome you to the call of the great Bloody Mary glass. Marz Spize will grab you by your celery stalk with distinctive pepper and spice characteristics to wake your mouth up and provide a truly premium vodka experience. Combining the pure essence of Serrano peppers, and black peppercorns, we blend our Super Premium Vodka into bold flavors upfront, and an unforgettably pleasant long finish. Marz Spize – take a walk on the Spize side of life.

Marz Citruz Flavored Vodka

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CITRUZ Flavored Vodka

Delightfully intertwined characteristics of concentrated lemon rind, desirably tannic limes, and warming essential orange oils, blended into our gold medal winning French winter wheat vodka. Awakening the pallet with the mouthfeel of a clean, tart, tannic crispness to the body, the zest and flesh of all three fruits simultaneously stand apart, and blend into an unforgettably long and pleasant finish. Be prepared for a luscious Citruz flavor experience.

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