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About us

Our Story

The Marz Vodka journey began several years ago from a tight-knit group of spirit enthusiast friends who loved making exquisite cocktails and experiencing super premium spirits. A group of enthusiasts born with these same dynamic minds and love of all things perfectly experienced. At its most essential, Marz Vodka is a story of friends in search of enjoying world-class vodka. We are the new generation of vodka connoisseurs, and our passion for the pursuit of spirits excellence was big enough to share with the world. So, after asking ourselves if it was possible to share our dream, we decided to do it ourselves, by distilling a world-class vodka, in a world-class bottle, at a price everyone can enjoy.

Our Journey

marz-foto1Great products begin with a great team. During those initial years, our master chemist Max Gee brought his 40+ years of spirits product development expertise to support the Marz Vodka R&D efforts. Having distilled and considered countless vodka bases over two years, the challenge was how to make a repeatable, scalable and consistent craft spirit capable of growing with our dreams. That’s where our master distiller Tim Welch came in. Working with him on numerous distillation concepts, we realized our dreams of vodka perfection with French winter wheat, distilled five times, and carbon filtered three times. The wheat expresses a well-defined and immediately smooth flavor experience. Those smooth wheat notes followed by a long touch of pure vodka sweetness became our guiding light. For the bottle artwork and packaging, we brought in a highly specific award-winning spirits industry design house to clearly express our dynamic dreams on glass. Understanding the value of professional peer review, we continuously enlisted industry-specific professional spirits tasters for further input and guidance. But there’s still more to the story.

Our Goal and Our Gold

marz-foto31What makes Marz Vodka, well…Marz Vodka? That specific answer is found in the selection of French winter wheat as the base grain, and marrying it to crisp, clean, clear, and cold California mountain water. That was the job of our California master distiller, who distilled, proofed, aerated, and carbon filtered the winning solution to express and tease out every last subtly from the vodka. Unrivaled smoothness, a mellow softness, and clean mouthfeel across the entire palate helped achieve the flavor profile we were searching for. Having a double-gold winning deeply experienced master distiller made this not only possible, but completely achieved it. After the 2015 International Craft Spirits Competition awarded us two gold medals and named Marz Premium Vodka and Marz White Cranberry Flavored Vodka to their list of 2015’s 100 Best Spirits, we finally knew Marz Vodka was born. This is when we created our slogan and proclaimed, we can make “a Universe of Flavorful Spirits”.

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