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Amber India Loves Marz Vodka


There’s a saying about “home town advantage”, and what’s truer when your hometown is the sparkling global foodie city of San Francisco?  So ‘enter stage right!’ we yell from the tabletops.  “Bring it on!”, as we hungrily stare at the culture of food, replete with white linen napkin wiping Pavlovian drool in hand.  “Bring us your pangs of flavor, and your finest universal cuisines!”  Dear friends, it’s time to ‘Set the sails!  Set the table!  And set your bottom down!  As the Bolshevik leaders used to yell to their fervent citizens, “lend me your sophisticated pallets!” (well, ok…it was really just “ears”, but who’s counting?), Marz Vodka is beaming from ear to ear in our desire to match the great flavors of India.

Beyond proud.  Beyond friends.  In a celebration of a proud friendship, Marz Vodka and San Francisco’s finest Indian restaurant, Amber India, have teamed up to craft vodka drink menu selections made in heaven.  Each Amber India restaurant delights your fine dining senses with the sights, sounds, and luscious smells of an unbeatably luxurious Indian cuisine.  So join us in raising your cocktail glass!  Hoist them high!  “Hear hear!” we say.  We welcome our friends at Amber India to the Marz Vodka family.  And most importantly, we welcome you to travel through the exotic world of Indian flavors at Amber India.  We promise a deliciously hand-made Marz Vodka cocktail is waiting for you!

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