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Spirits Competitions – Marz Vodka enters Spirits competition



The 2015 International Craft Spirits Competition held at the Exhibition Room in Long Beach, California featured over 100 craft spirits in attendance. Held in Long Beach’s first saloon (and former speakeasy), Marz Vodka team entered both Marz and Marz White Cranberry Flavored Vodka, as we believe the quality and hand-made nature of our superior vodka spirits will prove to make all others speak-easy.

The Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, one of the most prestigious and competitive spirts events in the world. Marz Vodka team invades LA, and offers the judging panel our Marz premium handmade vodka in the straight vodka category. Predicting great results, we’ve also entered Marz White Cranberry Flavored Vodka into the flavored vodka category, and plan on showing LA what we mean by “A Universe of Flavorful Spirits”!

Beverage Testing Institute’s prestigious annual International Review of Spirits. Marz Vodka team entered both Marz and Marz White Cranberry Flavored Vodka into this world competition. Exceeding 150 different vodkas from around the world, the ‘guys who kick ass’ plan on doing just that with an unbeatable combination of lush French winter wheat, silky smoothness, a hint of sweetness, and old world hand-crafted luxurious quality.

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