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The Bloody Mary Festival, The Midway SF, San Francisco, CA

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Time for Breakfast in a Glass!

It’s almost that time!  What time?  Awww, you know what we’re talking about!  The Bloody Mary Festival!  Yeah baby!! Are you kidding me?!  We get to spend the entire day at The Bloody Mary Festival with 800 individuals of fine distinction located at The Midway in San Francisco to quench their thirst.  No, wait…that’s not good enough.  “Thirst” is too obvious.  Dare we say “satisfy their appetite”?!

Marz Vodka is honored to partner as the official and exclusive vodka sponsor with the magnificent folks of The Bloody Mary Festival.  What an incredible treat and honor for us to spend the day with the top mixologists from at least twelve of the finest bars and restaurants in the entire San Francisco Bay Area, each demonstrating their Bloody Mary making skills.  Marz Premium Vodka will flow into gorgeous glasses filled with the tomato-red elixir of life, and we are thrilled to be there.

So if you ask us to name the greatest invention ever, the entire Marz Vodka team posts a solid vote for the Bloody Mary, the proverbial “Breakfast in a Glass”!  And the added benefits of all those vitamins and veggies, it’s literally impossible to beat.  Load ‘em up with spices, vegetables, sauces, and even crunchy garlic bread to top.  Green olives stuffed with garlic or anchovies?  Never enough!  Did I hear someone say ‘cocktail onions’ with a dagger through their cute little hearts basting in the luscious red glow of their tomato juice host?? Bring ‘em on baby!  Black ground pepper and hot sauce?  Absolutely!  Dill pickle spears?  Only if you promise to toss in the horseradish too!  It’s The Bloody Mary Festival time ladies and gentlemen, so let’s get it on!

This means it’s time to gather together you weary weekday working warriors!  Bring your appetites with you, and may Marz Vodka bestow a magnificent Sunday upon you.  Because when you’re serving up the world’s greatest vodka, is it any wonder why we say, “We came. We saw. We kicked Vodka!”.

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